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Shoulders to Stand On


Shoulders captures the marvelous accomplishments of Montford Point Marines and their inspiration to other Blacks who followed in their footsteps. Although most of the Montford Point Marines have passed on, several remain and contributed substantially to this writing. Shoulders takes an in-depth look at eight men, their parents, their high school buddies, their Montford Point experience, their World War II sojourn, and their post–Montford Point life. I am profusely grateful to four Montford Point Marines, all in their mid-90s, for their contributions to the book given during my five to seven hours interviewing them. The post-World War II, eleven men and women who have followed in the footsteps of the original “Montford Pointers” have credited their predecessors for fighting for equality.

Today’s Marines stand on the shoulders of these heroic men. They have influenced many others—regardless of race, sex, religion, and seniority—to understand that equality is the most significant element in bettering the world we live in. That side of the racial coin shines brightly.

Check out my interview by Military Veteran, Author and Professor of military history & Holocaust Studies, Colin D. Heaton, on the "FORGOTTEN HISTORY" YouTube channel.

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